Bringing design, data,

and communities together

for sustainable change.

rethinking design

Our design focuses on designing tools for communities. Our goal is to empower communities and spark greater dialogue that builds understanding, empathy, and partnership.

Telling [data] stories

We link communities to powerful data sets and tools that might give them insight into their history, systems, and future. Our goal is to help communities tell the real-life stories that make data personal and powerful.

Activating Communities

Design isn’t the answer to community change. Communities are. When communities desire change, it becomes possible. Our goal is to support existing or emerging movements within a community.

How we do it

Community Advocates

identify community advocates

We look for passionate local organizations working toward greater equity, dignity, or voice for the underrepresented in their community.

find data

find relevant data

We look for public or private data sets/tools that might empower and represent those that are historically underrepresented. 

obtain funding

seek funding

Once we establish a connection between community needs and available data tools, we work to establish public and private funding. 

design toolkits

design community toolkits

We design physical and digital toolkits that help increase community awareness, dialogue, and ownership of important local issues. 

scale toolkits

build scale

Last we make all toolkits and resources open-source and build relationships with similar communities or organizations that might benefit.

Why we do it

because designers aren't experts

Communities are

Designing for communities requires designers to shift their focus from creating artifacts and campaigns to creating experiences that increase community awareness, dialogue, and ownership. 

because design doesn't last

Relationships do

A logo, a poster, or a campaign are often ignored or relegated to the mental trash bin. So how can design help communities make lasting change? By sparking greater empathy and relationships through community-led experiences.  

because data isn't enough

Making it personal is

Data can be difficult to access and understand. It can also be dehumanizing. For communities, the combination of data and storytelling can help create a greater logical and emotional connection.  

How we can help

Community organizations

Is your organization doing good work, but lacks the resources to truly engage your community in a way that builds traction for change? Contact us to learn more about how co.alesce can help connect you to powerful data and sustainable toolkits for community engagement.

Data organizations

Does your organization create powerful data tools that can impact communities, government, and policy but lack a strategy for getting that data into the hands of small communities in meaningful ways? Reach out and see if we can connect you with a network of local organizations that might put your data set/tools to good use.